Plymouth AAR 'Cuda Screensaver Help:

1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda Screensavers.

Collection of help topics covering downloading and using a screensaver from the Plymouth AAR Cuda Resources site.

How To Download The Plymouth AAR 'Cuda Screensaver From Our Site.

Click the link to the Plymouth AAR 'Cuda screensaver you would like to download. Save the .EXE file to your hard drive. Double-click the downloaded file to start the screensaver install process.

How To Install The Plymouth AAR 'Cuda Screensaver From Our Site.

Plymouth AAR 'Cuda screensaver is packaged in an installation program. Follow the instructions on your screen to install. The installation program performs the following functions:

Adds a new program group to your Start Menu.

Adds an uninstall utility within the program group to allow you to easily remove the Plymouth AAR 'Cuda screensaver at any time.

Adds a desktop icon to start the Plymouth AAR 'CudaScreensaver instantly at any time.

Allows you to customize the screensaver settings by opening your Display Properties and clicking on the Screen Saver tab.

Allows you to adjust the background color, transition interval, transition speed, and other image properties if available.

Allows you to choose the Plymouth AAR 'Cuda Screensaver as your default Windows screensaver.


The Plymouth AAR 'Cuda screensaver is compatible with personal computers running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (x32 and x64 editions). We regret that we don't have screensavers for Mac users at this time.

Having problems installing or using the Plymouth AAR 'Cuda Screensaver from our site?

Some Internet security software, including Firewalls, antivirus programs, anti-spyware programs, and others can block certain file downloads including screensavers. If you are having problems downloading the screensaver, check the settings in your security software to see if there is an setting that may be blocking downloads. To diagnose whether Internet security software is causing problems, you can try temporarily disabling it, seeing if the download works, and then re-enabling the software. Users having problems installing or using a screensaver from can Click Here to contact us.

How do I get my AAR Cuda featured in a screensaver?

While we don't guarantee that any Mopar will be featured in one of our screensavers. We can offer a couple of tips to have your Mopar considered. First we look for large photos, 3 mega pixel or larger, we also look for photos with nice backgrounds. We consider all Mopars submitted to us, to have yours considered you must have your 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda featured on our site.

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